Liliana Mejía

"Flaming Feather"

Liliana Mejía "Flaming Feather" is a Medicine Woman from Colombia who has been passionate about helping others in her life.  She is a visual artist, energy healer, reiki Master and sound healer who has always found herself in the path of the arts; she specializes in these type of energy healing, utilizing her knowledge and experience to transmute feelings, negative beliefs, and awaken the understanding of one’s own body.


Liliana’s been working deeply with the medicine by the side of her husband Fredy Velásquez, and under his wing since 2012, she received the calling to open these safe space for women to work with the grandmother medicine and she’s been honoring it with gatherings where she follows the ways of her ancestors while also sharing her nurturing feminine energy and her knowledge about the moon and energy cycles related to the movement of the planets and rituals.


Before being called by the medicine, Liliana lived and worked in New York for 15 years where she was able to connect and learn from the native Americans, including communities like the Lacota, Iroquois, Seminole, Huichol and Tolteca people from who she learned different techniques and rituals, she was also able to see the similarities in which all of our cultures perceive the connection to our Mother Earth and the respect for each other.


“Women are in need of the sacred spaces to work deeply in the understanding and healing of self, respecting and honoring our mission in this world. I feel is part of my mission to hold this sacred spaces so that we all can rise and help the shift of humanity. I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to share the medicine of my Ancestors and to carry out this work for mankind to heal in a safe space and to get the time to get to know the   interesting person in the world from within”   


"Sound is all, expressing myself through music it's a blessing and a must in this path of my heart"


Liliana enjoys playing the ukelele, writing her own songs, and making versions of her favorites

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